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Stretch and Strengthen Your Body

Energy Booster + Cardio Challenge + Reduce Pain

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Meet FitChimp

We're removing the barriers to workplace wellness

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FitChimp Encourages Employees to Sit Less, Move More.


Physical Therapist designed programs to specifically target workplace illnesses from prolonged sitting and physical inactivity: chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


FitChimp drives employee engagement with continuously updating video based content, interactive challenges, while tracking all data in real-time.


Health claims going up and employee productivity is going down. FitChimp removes high entry cost of a wellness solution while achieving greater ROI by engaging more employees.

What FitChimp Fanatics Are Saying…

“Drives our best workplaces culture”

Ashley Remmert
Human Resources Manager

“Significantly bolstered participation levels…micro-workouts are the way of the future”

Ethan Cohen
Technical Manager and Wellness Coordinator

“Keeps us on the leading edge”

Susie Stoland
HR Benefits Specialist

Client Case Study

80%  Strongly Agree.
“I believe FitChimp has helped or will help increase my energy level and productivity at work.”

100% Strongly Agree.
“I believe FitChimp is very convenient and accessible when comparing to traditional offsite gym membership, onsite gym, and onsite fitness classes (yogas, bootcamps, etc.).”

80% Strongly Agree.
“I believe FitChimp is fun and engaging, adding an element of friendly competition and camaraderie among my colleagues.”

Andrew R.

“I feel so much more awake and overall better once I get on the FitChimp and exercise for few minutes. I’m then ready to come back to what I was working on at my desk.”

Andrew R.Sales RepSpareFoot
Sandra F.

“I had previous back problem, now I just do 5 minute stronger back exercises at work once a day. I feel better and walking isn’t painful anymore.”

Sandra F.Financial Account ManagerOppenheimer
Tevis P.

“I love that I can take a 4 minute break to do a quick workout with my buddies at work instead of using that time to chat about the latest TV shows.”

Tevis P.Lead Development RepresentativeSpareFoot
Christina G.

“FitChimp makes it simple to get in some lower body and back exercises at work, where normally I wouldn’t have time to do them at home.”

Christina G.Financial BrokerOppenheimer
Casey D.

“I used to just dump more coffee into my skull when that slump comes around 2 or 3PM, but now I step over to the FitChimp and it works significantly better.”

Casey D.UI/UX DeveloperHoovers
Ken M.

“My team is really enjoying the FitChimp station here in my department. It is a great way for them to boost energy.”

Ken M.Product ManagementHoovers

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“Productivity losses costs U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per  year, or $225.8 billion annually.”
Centers for Disease Control

“In spite of widespread availability…participation of employees in current wellness programs is less than 20 percent.”
RAND Study

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